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How Can You Help? Donate!


The Blanchard Education Foundation is launching a capital campaign to increase funds in its endowment. The endowment fund is strategically invested for the greatest return possible with a conservative risk factor. All monies donated to the foundation, unless otherwise earmarked, are placed in the endowment with 100% of the earnings going to enhance the Blanchard Public School system PreK-12 through the “Grants to Teachers” program, which directly benefits students in the classroom. Obviously, the greater the endowment, the greater the return to Blanchard Public Schools students.


The capital campaign that the Foundation Board has approved is 333 for 3, which will seek 300 donors willing to pledge $333.33 per year for 3 years. When achieved, this will increase the endowment by $300,000 and will help sustain the Grants to Teachers program, a critical resource for teachers and administrators in this time of severe budget crisis.


Can we count on you to join us at this or any level? Doing so will benefit students now and into the foreseeable future! THANK YOU for caring and investing in education! Don’t HESITATE!!! DONATE!!


-Thank you from the Blanchard Education Foundation Board

Download and print pledge form to mail donation:
Make an online donation via Paypal:

Give our school some TLC with $333 for 3 years!

Together Lets Commit $333 for 3 years and help us reach our $300,000 goal:
Inspired by learning
Empowered by Giving
Education is forever!

Thank you for your donation!

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